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Why Choose Kingsman Tech?

Your Ottawa Tech Consultant

You just want technology to work,
Happy Tech - Happy Life

I get it. And that’s why it can be so frustrating when things don’t work the way you expect. Kingsman Tech is your Ottawa Tech Consultant when that happens.

The better the tech, the more complex it is under the surface. After all, that’s how computers got to be so easy for all of us to use. But with that extra stuff going on, there’s even more that can go wrong. When it does, it can really mess up your life.

I’m highly trained tech consultant, certified and experienced in all things tech. From Apple to Windows, networking to security, syncing to usability, Kingsman Tech is standing by and ready to jump into action when you need help.

Kingsman Tech Love to Help!

Ottawa Tech Consultant with patience and a Personal Touch.

Experienced + Knowledgable

High importance on learning and keeping up with ever-changing technologies. No matter what industry you’re in, we’ve helped others in situations similar to yours. We use our knowledge and experience to find the solution that works best for you.


We wouldn’t be in the tech support business if we didn’t like helping people. Supporting clients is what we love to do, from planning a new office space to fixing slow internet. We live for this!


Whether it’s finding the best length of cable or optimizing the update sequence on multiple machines, we take the time to properly plan and prepare for everything we do.


With a proactive and professional approach to IT, clients understand how valuable it is to leaving them free to do what they do best.

Ottawa Tech Consultant

Steve - Owner and Master Tech

Kingsman Tech was started 2013 after helping a family friend who had gone through a bad experience with another Ottawa based tech service.

Kingsman Tech grew quickly by word of mouth alone, with a focus on providing patient, honest service to my clients with a knack for answering questions in plain english.

Is your internet, tv, cell phone bill expensive?
Let me audit your  bills and see if I can reduce those costs leaving you with more money in your pocket. Too often I find clients are paying for services they don’t need or paying far more then they should be.

My career as a tech consultant has spanned over 25-years since 1994. I have worked for the games giant SEGA and for a multi-billion dollar hedge fund in London, England prior to moving to Canada in 2012.

When not dealing with technology issues I am also a digital artist creating incredible photography and websites for individuals and small businesses.

Ottawa Tech Consultant & Owner of Kingsman Tech
Happy Clients

I'm proud of the many 5-star reviews I have received.

Deb W
Deb W
18 April 2024
We had a great experience with Steve. He answered the phone on a Friday and was was available to help the following Monday. He arrived on time and went above and beyond the call of duty! Fixing my father’s Google home device as well as his iPhone. We’re very appreciative! And would recommend him to anyone.
Kathleen Mitchell-Jensen
Kathleen Mitchell-Jensen
12 April 2024
My husband and I have relied on Kingsman Tech for more than 7 years and highly recommend the company. We are non-techy people and we turn to Steve Kingsman for all our technical issues. And Steve delivers. He has resolved all sorts of issues for us and has made helpful recommendations to make our lives with technology easier. He offers prompt and personalized service. Thanks Steve
Christine Pothier
Christine Pothier
1 December 2023
Steve was fantastic to work with. Very professional and knowledgeable. He tailored his advice and services to my needs. He relied on his expertise and quality delivery to ensure client satisfaction without resorting to upselling. I highly recommend him.
Anne Larrass
Anne Larrass
20 September 2023
Steve recently did a comprehensive audit of my parents' IT usage (home phone, mobile, Internet, TV ) for both their home and cottage, as their monthly bills were through the roof. After spending time understanding their needs, he and my parents spent several hours on the phone with their provider to cancel and/or adjust various services. Thanks to Steve's help and professional knowledge, my parents will now be saving over $400/month (more than $5000/year). I couldn't recommend Steve more. He truly cares about his clients.
Margaret Larrass
Margaret Larrass
16 September 2023
Steve was superb at communicating with the Bell representatives in such a way that they agreed to either cancel or to significantly lower the cost of various services. I could never have achieved that without his support. We owe him huge thanks.
Nancy Rivard
Nancy Rivard
11 July 2022
Excellent service fast I couldn't have called a better Technician I highly recommend :)
La Vida Loca
La Vida Loca
10 February 2022
Knowledgeable and efficient.
Dylann Lacroix
Dylann Lacroix
21 November 2021
Came to my at-home office and fixed my email problems. Happy customer. No trucking by stuff off-site -- LDC, Ottawa
Carmen Schoenmetz
Carmen Schoenmetz
2 November 2021
Steve helped me set up my new MacBook within a few hours. He was great at explaining the differences between my old laptop and the new MacBook to me, he gave me many tips and tricks and he did check-in with me a few days later to see if everything is going well. I felt very supported and he saved me a lot of time and energy. I would highly recommend his services if you want an easy and quick transition.
Phil Jensen
Phil Jensen
28 July 2021
Steve just upgraded one of my i-Macs, he save me over a 1000$; it works great -he is the best; I highly recommend him!

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